I have such a worry about how much to divulge and how much to keep secret. Too much and I’ll be far more readily identifiable than I’d like; too little and I won’t be able to connect to anyone who happens to stumble here.

Should I disclose that my roommate is moving out to allow my boyfriend to move in? Probably so, because the boyfriend-moving-in is a huge part of my life and I’m sure to write about it at some point. But a huge amount of my daily stresses come from petty complaints about my (soon-to-be-ex) roommate – what if she finds this, figures out it’s me and is upset?

What about my daily activities? I’d rather not spill the beans on where I’m living, because it would be a short trip from there to which law school I attend. I’d hate for the things I write here to be studied and judged by future colleagues or employers. It’s not unprecedented and it’s almost always harmful. So while I can probably talk about the farmer’s market I go to on the weekends (after all, what city doesn’t have a farmer’s market… and more importantly, who would want to live there?!) I probably shouldn’t talk about local festivals or once-a-year events that go on here.

And then there are teeny personal details. So much of my life is my family, my dog, my cultural background, where I grew up and where I (and my boyfriend/future-fiance?) want to go when I’m out of school. But those are all the things that will point directly at me!

I suppose will have to walk a fine line between being secretive and communicative.

This may be a problem, as I am probably the worst person in the world at keeping my own secrets.