Class doesn’t technically start for another couple weeks or so, but I’ve already received my first reading assignment. I also don’t get financial aid for another couple weeks. I can’t buy my books until I get finaid and I can’t do my reading assignments until I get books. This is causing a little bit of anxiety, but it’s not so bad because this happened before each of the last three semesters and I survived. It does suck sometimes to start out the semester already a little behind, but one class isn’t terribly difficult to catch up on.

The point, though, is that it’s already starting. Not that it really ended, what with summer classes and research projects and tweaking writing samples and whatnot.

For some reason, though, at the beginning of every semester, I become ridiculously optimistic. Talk to me again in two months and I’ll wish I’d never even heard of law school, but as of right now… well, let’s just say that Tax Law and Adv Civil Litigation sound, dare I say, interesting to me. I am actually looking forward to it.

For now.

Heaven help me.