Before moving to the City for law school, I had lived alone for two years. Two glorious years with just me and the dog and (now and then, when he came for overnight visits) the Boyfriend. Oh, how I took that time for granted.

I know everyone probably has gripes about their roommates. I’m sure she has some strong feelings about the things I do around the apartment, but some of this stuff…

Today, I went to do the dishes (because she never does them – seriously, we’ve lived together for a year and she doesn’t know how to load/start the dishwasher) and found another one of my glasses, in the dishwasher, improperly loaded and broken. I started out the year with sixteen glasses – 8 tall and 8 short. I am now down to three total. I have no idea what she does to break them! Seriously! And if I’d broken almost all of someone’s glassware, I’d replace it! But she doesn’t even mention it and then neither do I, so as not to cause waves.

That might be one of my biggest problems. I don’t want to cause waves, but she just does so much unacceptable crap that I end up feeling pissed off constantly.

Like the epic food battles. When I buy something and put it in my cabinet, I expect it to be there the next time I look for it. She doesn’t feel the same way. She also doesn’t bother replacing it with the same item. So, she’ll eat all of my peanut butter and think it’s okay to replace it with nasty whole wheat crackers that she bought for herself but doesn’t like. Do I need crackers? No. I have crackers already, but no peanut butter to put on them! I mean, it’s all completely petty stuff, but added up, it just makes me livid.

You know she’s been eating my expired mayonnaise for about five months now? Because she refuses to buy her own and I refuse to buy it for her. And when I came home after my two week vacation with the Boy, I looked in my cabinet and noticed things missing… so I looked in her cabinet and found half of my food hidden in there! What. The. Fuck?

There’s honestly a lot more. I know everything sounds just ridiculous, but after a year of being taken advantage of  and stolen from and having my things broken and used without replacement… I just get tired.

I hope things aren’t like this when the Boy moves in. I have one week of blissful aloneness, then he’ll be here. Hopefully I picked a good one. I have a feeling I did. He’s totally the type who will contribute to our household and replace things he’s messed up and cook dinner for me when I’ve had a stressful day at school (every day at school). Maybe my next roommate won’t be one I have to gripe about.