Sometimes I think of law school as a sort of club. Now and then, you get to flash your club card and you get certain perks. Not that you ever go looking for them, as that would be tasteless and inappropriate, but sometimes when you flash your club card and the person you’re doing business with happens also to belong to the club, they cut you a little slack.

For example, remember my prayer for judgment earlier? You know, the crazy speeding ticket that I got for not paying attention on a stretch of road in North Carolina a few months ago? Well, I hired an attorney to represent me since I’ll be far too busy this coming weekend to make another East Coast road trip just to defend myself. He called me today to ask a few questions before showing up for me tomorrow morning. He asked where I lived and whether I was ever planning to drive through NC again (which might have a bearing on what reduced penalty he asks for). I told him that I don’t know whether I’ll ever drive through NC again, but as I was in the City for the sole purpose of attending law school , who knows where I’ll be in two years.

As soon as I flashed my Law School Club Card, he got really chatty, asked where I went, how I liked it, etc. We talked about his experience and how he likes his job. You know, the usual. Then came the subject of my defense and payment.

Perk #1: I don’t get financial aid until classes start. Classes don’t start soon enough to help with this bit of trouble I’ve gotten myself into. So I asked if I could delay payment for a week or so, and he said that instead, he would take my case for a reduced fee. I tried to dissuade him (I mean, after all, he’s showing up in court for me two times and spending time with me on the phone) but he insisted. So I was able to pay him today and still have some cash left over for rum, peaches, sugar and wine this weekend (homemade sangria here I come!)

Perk #2: Apparently there is a lesser offense in NC called an “improper equipment” offense. I can plea down to that but the DA doesn’t usually allow it for anyone going over 70mph. I was going 75 in a 55. My attorney said that he would talk to the DA and try to convince him that, since I haven’t had an offense in years (like, six years! I’m a safe driver, I promise!) and I’m a law student, he might allow it! I’ll update as to how this turns out. He should, since I truly am a safe driver, but if the law student thing sways him in my favor any, I won’t object.

So there. I would never ask for or even expect anything like this, but it turns out there may be some sweet perks that come along with being in this not-that-exclusive club. Who’d have thought?