I suppose you can kind of tell I’m less anxious and a little happier lately. This will change next week, I’m sure, but let’s enjoy it while we can, alright?

There isn’t much new on the law school front today, so instead, I’m just going to talk about a few of my simple pleasures; things that keep me feeling okay when law school makes me want to die.

1. My dog. Okay, I know I mention her a lot, but she’s incredible. Soft and sweet and silly. Funny and furry. She sleeps with me under the covers – she’s my little spoon – and cuddles with me while I’m studying. She can make me smile even when I feel like running away from everything.

2. Beer. So this is cliche. A law student who likes drinking beer? Big surprise there. But really. I don’t drink beer to oblivion, I drink beer because I like the taste. Dark, rich beer with hints of coffee and chocolate. Nutty beers with a slight fruit ending. I talk about beer the way some people talk about wines. It’s just good.

3. Rainbows. I love them. I look for them every time it rains. I just love rainbows, okay?

4. Being alone. This doesn’t seem like a good thing to a lot of people, I know, but for me, it’s such a rare thing and I treasure it so much. My roommate is gone (where? don’t know, don’t care.) the boyfriend isn’t here yet. I have nowhere to be, and I can just sit all by my lonesome and enjoy the quiet. With my beer and dogs. But alas, no rainbows.

5. I take that back. She just came home. Mood crashed. Going to bed. See you Monday.