So I thought I’d try to update on the weekdays and then take the weekends off, but it turns out the weekends are when I really have time to write. So screw a writing schedule – I figure I’ll write when I can. If my writing helps 1Ls or pre-law folks who hear only the good things or the terrible things and come here to find out the realistic things… I suppose now and then is better than forcing it when I just can’t or giving it up altogether, right?

Also, I’ve decided not to publish more than once a day, so if I have multiple things to write about, I’m going to schedule them… which means that you might read something I’ve written a while ago and it will look like I’ve only posted it that day. I suppose this helps with the anonymity, but might not be so helpful otherwise. Keep in mind that if you’re reading about, say, exams and it’s mid-January, it’s probably because I wrote it earlier and set it to publish later.

Today I’m writing about Early Interview Week.


I expected it to be brutal. Morose. Disheartening.

What I didn’t expect was the complete feeling of having given up. The hopelessness. Everyone I spoke with was completely resigned to the idea that no one was getting job offers, so it was useless, but we’re expected to attend so why not try anyway, right? This had a good side and a bad side.

The good side was that I was getting tips and information from other interviewees. As one student would exit an interview room, just before I went in they would give me a quick “She’s nice, but make sure to have questions as she runs out of steam the last 10 minutes.” or a “They’re not very personable or talkative. If they seem reserved, don’t think you did a bad job. They’re just… quiet. You still probably did fine.”

That was wonderful and helpful. I suspect that in better years, those of us near the middle of the class would be more competitive. This summer it seemed almost like an “us” against “them” mentality, where those of us in the middle of the class (aka almost all of us) knew it was a hopeless battle and we banded together to help each other. If one of us gets a job (I mean, I hope it’s me and all) it’s a win, whether or not it was me specifically.

The bad part was that, well, when you’re surrounded by people who’ve accepted their fate, you tend to accept yours too. It’s difficult to blow the socks off an interviewer when you’ve spent the past week feeling hopeless.

I really just hope that I was able to be enthusiastic enough to outweigh the complete mediocrity that was my transcript. Also… I’m looking at regional firms. Maybe one of them will have a spot for me. True, it’s not a $160k a year job, but hey… if they’ll pay me enough to pay my rent (and maybe buy a pair or two of fancy shoes.. yum) then I’ll still be pretty stoked about it. After all… it’s a job, right?